Why photography? - Destination wedding photographer Dubrovnik, Croatia

Why photography?


The truth is I don’t really know. I always tell people how creating a story fulfills me. And it really does more than anything else in this world. My parents were no photographers, they worked by their office desks all day long. Jobs I never wanted for myself. So I quit my office job and took my camera. Doing what you really and honestly love is one of the greatest things in life.

It took me some time and persuasion to shoot my first wedding. I didn’t want to do it because i didn’t believe there’s much to it really. I needed creativity and freedom, and weddings weren’t promising. I was terribly wrong!

These were the stories I needed to tell.

Through photographs.

Stories are always there. There is no need to interrupt or to create false moments.

There is a way to do it right.


From a distance.

Telling stories in pictures? That’s what I do best.

Trust me.