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In love with Hvar and each otherAna&Matija | Wedding in Samobor, CroatiaShooting a friends wedding day

I remember the first email I got from Ana. She loved my work so much that they decided to have an engagement session in Hvar prior the wedding, but my schedule was so hectic that we jumped right into it…a year earlier. We met a few times afterwards, shared a dinner or two, drank a few bottles of wine together and became friends. I always tend to meet in person with my couples. This way we’ll have relaxed communication and they’ll have me off their radar on the wedding day. But shooting a friends wedding was totally different experience for me.

I’ll leave with this short preview and stick a few from a session that took place last summer. Those were the days…I’m getting back in Hvar this week. A&M will be there, so we might as well do it all over again!

Best of luck guys!



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Approximately four dinners, 6 bottles of wine and ten months earlier in Hvar