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Getting married in Bagan, Myanmar?Looking for Bagan, Myanmar wedding photographer?Let me introduce myself...

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Bagan, Myanmar, you’re on the right spot! Bagan wedding photographer

Hello! My name is Marko and I’m a destination wedding photographer. So far my assignments took me around this beautiful, but few places captured my heart. Bagan, Myanmar is one of them and that’s the reason why I created this web page. In case you’ll be looking for a photographer to shoot your wedding in Bagan. Picture this as my message in a bottle. Waiting to be found by you. As your Bagan wedding photographer.

At the time of writing this I’ve been to Bagan twice. Once as a tourist and other time to shoot one the engagement session of Hilary&Mike, definitely one of my favourite shoots and galleries ever. I’ve included here a few shots which portray my style and approach to wedding photography best. If you’d like to see the whole gallery of Hilary&Mike’s engagement session, click on their names in the sentence above and the link will take you there.

If I had to fit my whole style into three words I’d say raw, heartfelt and expressive. Instead of labelling myself as a storyteller or documentary, which I am, I’d rather use honest and human. In fact, my aim is to show what it felt like being there at the time instead of merely what it looked like. And those images make a difference in a long run.

I understand my style and approach isn’t appealing to everybody. If you’re after someone who’s going to overpose I might not be the guy for the job. Instead I like to give initial instructions and work it out from there to draw the honesty and you out of the shell we all fall into when facing a camera lens. I don’t like having my pictures taken, so I’ve worked my way around it. There are numerous galleries on my website to prove that and no, none of them are professional models either.


So, I’m on a quest of booking a wedding in Bagan, Myanmar. Discounted quote for a full day coverage is 4500€ and includes VAT as well as all travel and accommodation expenses. If I happen to be in the area at the time (I tend to shoot in south-east Asia a lot lately), this price could be lower.

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Marko Marinkovic,  Jaisalmer wedding photographer India.

Discounted prices are valid for 60 days from Mar 2nd, after which regular pricing applies to all packages.

A bit about Bagan history

Bagan is Myanmar’s hidden gem. This ancient city lies on the shores of Irrawaddy river in the Mandalay region. It used to be the capital of Pagan kingdom throughout which period over ten thousand beautiful Buddhist temples, pagodas and monasteries were built. Only 2200 remain in Bagan today, but their beauty is still captivating, this makes it an amazing place for a wedding. Much more beautiful than Angkor Wat in Cambodia, this place is literally the sea of temples, as the locals call it. It’s extremely rustic and traditional. You  won’t be able to find any modern form of entertainment in Bagan, but safety is on the highest level and locals are extremely nice and helpful while treating all tourist with utmost respect.

Hot air balloon rides are probably the best way to see all of the temples at once. If you’re not afraid of heights that is. Bagan needs to be seen in three ways; from the balloons, from the ground and from electric bikes you can rent out at every corner at bargain prices.

Why Bagan?

It’s extremely important for any visual artist to travel and keep our eyes inspired and fresh. Whenever I cover destination weddings, my aim is to get there at least two days ahead. Especially on places I’ve never been before, This allows me time to scout locations, explore the place and do travel shots. These usually help bring the whole story to a higher level. When Hilary and Mike hired me as their wedding photographer in Bagan Myanmar I landed two days earlier. First I did was creating a map with beautiful and inspiring locations to shoot. At least half of them we didn’t have a chance to use. That’s why I hope to make use of them. If you got through here, chances are – you were searching for Bagan wedding photographer. We could end up in Myanmar together.

When to visit?

The best time to visit Bagan is from November through May when rainfall is really low and limited. Flying in is the fastest way by far, and food or accommodation are really cheap. Telling a story isn’t about the wedding itself. It’s about the destination as well. That’s why I love including portraits of people and everyday life as it unfolds in the spot you’ve chosen. Feel free to reach out to me through the contact form below. I’d love to hear from you!