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Product&packaging overview

I love things with a feeling and a sense of life in them. A personal touch, that detail that sticks with you instantly, the smell of fresh wood, the texture and the sound it makes when you touch it…

While I was designing my products I had a certain feeling in my mind. There’s warmth coming out of my guitar whenever I grab to play it. It slides and fits in my hands perfectly. It has that resonance and sound that makes my heart smile. That’s exactly how I wanted my products to feel for you when you take them for the fist time. Like something you’ve missed, but didn’t realise it until it came to you. You know that feeling?

If you follow my work you’ll notice the novelty in these images. There was a missing link up until now, but after couple of months of negotiating and designing – the bags have arrived! I have three people to thank for their support, but I’ll just mention an amazingly talented graphic designer from Serbia that created these awesome text messages by hand. Tnx Tamara, it wouldn’t look so good without you!

If these images are too small for you, feel free to download the PDF file by clicking here.

When words become unnecessary I’ll speak trough my photographs.


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