Do you need a wedding photographer?

The investmentDo you need a wedding photographer?Or why is it even important to have one?

Photographers are not exactly rocket scientist and our services are something you can definitely live without, but do you really want to? 

Let me explain…the time will come when you will, with a bit of luck, grow old(er) and have a kid or two jumping and playing around you. They will grow old(er) in time and, hopefully, get you some grandchildren too. All of them will eventually gather at your place, and that’s the perfect time to grab that dusty, forgotten wedding book, swipe it off with your sleeve and give them a little glimpse in your past. Tell them about the times when you were younger and prettier, when you danced listening to indie music, ate loads of macarons, played candy crush saga and spent silly amounts of time on facebook. Tell them about the big knot in your stomach when you had to make a choice between four, five or six amazing wedding photographers…and then you chose this one.

There was just something special about hers/his stories but you couldn’t put your finger on it then. Now you know what it was.

Back to the present time. No, this one is not about tooting my own horn! There’s an insane amount of amazing wedding photographers on this planet, and regardless of who you choose, please think of it as an investment. Your children and grandchildren will admire those images filled with details from the past times. Yes, they will mock at us for using our iphones, driving petrol cars and listening to Bon Iver music, but it will be well worth it! Avoid trends at all costs as they fade with time and choose the one that captures your heart. Great photography is equally great fifty years from now. I might not be the one for you, but remember that there’s only one chance to do it right. Just as I know that it’s my one and only chance to tell your story my way.

Let’s do this together!