Finding cheap flights

Where do we go now?Finding cheap flightsHow to travel more easily?

I consider myself a lucky guy doing what I love and getting a chance to travel along the way. The fact that a lot of my clients fly me over internationally because they love what I do so much and trust me with their memories is still not getting to my head. Through time I’ve gathered some useful tips&tricks from my colleagues and friends that helped me travel easier and cheaper. I’ll also leave you with my travel list of things I can’t afford to forget. If you’re a fellow photographer or just someone looking for a way to get somewhere easier I’m leaving you with a list of my favourite website so you don’t need to ask me “What’s the best website to book a flight?” anymore :)

Booking a cheap and the best flight isn’t the same thing. Finding cheap flights often require some compromise, mostly time consuming, but in the end that choice is up to you.

My flight search starts with SkyScanner and MoMondo. If I’m able to find a direct flight to my destination I’m lucky enough, but Croatia isn’t really a spot to fly you out of Europe (eve though it’s well connected with the rest of it), so I can’t get away from at least one layover. For all of you looking for the cheapest tickets possible I’ve read that the best days to search for special deals is between 50 and 30 days prior departure. This really works, but only if the airline thinks they will have tickets to spare, otherwise you’re out. For all others – try using the “cheapest month” on SkyScanner and it will let you know when’s the best time to go. Unfortunately I’m not that lucky. For example you can fly directly from LA to San Francisco for 121$ this October or from Zagreb-Havana Cuba for 758$.


On the other hand MoMondo gives you more overview and options when choosing flights. You can actually choose between the fastest and more economic options. For example it gives you an estimate of the price in a bar shaped graph and you can choose various options too.


Even after you manage to find a flight for yourself always try to book the same one on the airlines website. Sometimes it can get even cheaper when booked directly. There were few occasions where I had to travel locally and, to be honest with you, I’m not very familiar with Asian budget airlines like I am with Ryanair or EasyJet. Luckily there’s another website that comes handy in situations like these and it can help you find flights on otherwise unknown areas. Needless to say that not all of the airlines are on the SkyScanner or MoMondo airline list. To be honest I don’t think there is a service that has all possible airlines in one place.

For example I flew form Croatia to Taiwan with Turkish airlines, and we needed to go to Kuala Lumpur for a mentoring session. None of the flight search websites couldn’t find me a better deal than the FlightMapper. I just clicked on my starting and destination point and found out that I could get to Malaysia with EVA Air twice as cheap. This airline wasn’t on the radar of the other search websites. Flight Mapper is an amazing tool to look for direct or short haul flights. It also has a schedule and airplanes listed in there so you know that the best days to travel directly are Mon-Wed-Fri for example and you can aim for jets instead of the propeller planes in order to catch those 30min of sleep ;)

If you’re too lazy and want to have someone do it for you FlightFox is the way to go. There’s a team of people that came up with the idea of finding you the best possible flight depending on your needs and budget for a 49$ fee. According to my friends this works like a charm, but I’ve never tried it myself.


On the other hand if you’re not a photographer (or you are but you have time for a vacation), there’s a website that does great job. Not sure where and when you want to go? Enter a general timeline for when (June) and where (Europe) and Adioso will give you the best cities to visit at the best prices. Also, you’ll have three options to choose from. Works great! Here are some options from London to international destinations as an example.


Hopefully one of these websites helped you find your tickets. Now it’s time to search for the accommodation on or I’ll have a short tips&tricks post published soon too, thanks for reading and happy flying!