How do I do it? - Destination wedding photographer Dubrovnik, Croatia

How do I do it?


If you need a short answer, read the following two sentences.

I don’t interfere.

I wait.

I hide so you either get used to my presence or completely forget about me. That’s when your images are truly created, and the formula is simple: image comes when the moment is true.

I don’t follow trends.

I don’t know how to do it any other way.

I’m not a photographer for everyone. People sometimes ask about my framing choices, lens usage, perspective, editing or composing. These are my artistic valves and they fit together in a unique story. There are millions of ways to tell the same story trough photos. I choose an honest and unintrusive one. Photographer is probably not the person you want to see arranging people, things or changing your wedding plans. This is something I’ve seen at almost every wedding I attended as a guest.

I don’t do that.

There are people you know, and those are the people you love. I’m there to take beautiful pictures, that’s all there is to it.

That’s my craft.

I honestly believe in the natural beauty of happy people. Most of the couples that book me worry about how they will look in their images. People generally don’t like having their photo taken, and it is my job to work around that. I don’t book people because I think they look good in front of the camera, the wedding day does that to them. People forget I’m around and by the time the bride walks down the aisle I’m the last person in the world the bride and groom worry about, trust me.

I get up and shoot.

Love is what makes your photos shine.