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Hi, my name is Marko and I’m a destination wedding photographer from Dubrovnik, Croatia. I shoot weddings quietly, honestly and from a distance. I’m aware of the fact that most people are not feeling comfortable in front of the camera. I don’t stage and interfere as I believe your wedding is an event of joy and happiness. As such I do my best to portray it with my heart instead with a camera. I aim to deliver photos that show not only what it looked like, but also what it felt like at the moment. That’s what I believe makes a huge difference in years to come. So far my wedding assignments took me around the world, but never to Jaisalmer, India. Find out more about me and my approach to weddings by clicking here.



No, I’m actually not based in India at all. I’m a destination wedding photographer and I’ve been traveling all over the globe to shoot people in love. I’ve visited Jaisalmer after covering a wedding in Goa. Ever since I got back home I’m dreaming of shooting a wedding in Jaisalmer. So I decided to build this page on my website hoping that a beautiful bride, looking for a Jaisalmer wedding photographer in India, might run into it and like my work enough to reach out to me. I have included a couple of photos I took on my last year trip to Jaisalmer and combine them with my wedding work. Dreams sometimes come true. I just decided to put my message in the bottle, hoping one day you will find it.

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Marko Marinkovic,  Jaisalmer wedding photographer India.

Telling a story isn’t about the wedding itself. It’s about the destination as well. That’s why I love including portraits of people and everyday life as it unfolds in the spot you’ve chosen. Feel free to reach out to me through the contact form below. I’d love to hear from you!