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At times, our daily lives can become a routine. We go through the motions as we are accustomed; we take the same routes, we visit the same places, and we see the same people. It is possible that, in the repetitive nature of life, we fail to see the beauty in the everyday. We often overlook the small, delicate moments that give our days their unique nature. If you met me already you know how much I enjoy travelling. Besides my guitar and cameras, it’s my number one obsession and, whenever I get a slightest chance, I’ll jump onto a plane, boat, train or a bus and get out of here. Shooting weddings and moving makes me happy. Doing both at the same time is a perfect combination to me.

2015 was a great year for me, but 2016 is getting more and more exciting every day. I’d like to share my travel plans with you so maybe we can meet up for an ice cream, beer or a coffee (whichever suits your taste buds best). If our paths cross you can book a mentoring with me or simply arrange for a photo session. I also left a short and simple contact form down below in case you’d like to put a new destination on my list. Or just to say hello! We might end up on a new adventure together!

  • 2016

  • February 15-March 8 - Mumbai, Goa, Calcutta - India
    April 8-13 Rome, Italy
    April 13-17 Paris, France
    May 27-June 3 Dublin, Ireland
    May 31-June2 Iceland
    June 3-6 Stuttgart, Germany

    June 16-19 Rotterdam, Netherlands
    June 23-26 Normandie, France
    July 22-23 Slovenia
    August 26-29 Crete, Greece
    September 2-4 Rome, Italy
    September 30-October 5 Provence, France
    October 7-11 Perast, Montenegro

  • 2017

  • January 7-15 Singapore
    January 8-25 Myanmar
    February 5-15 Marrakech, Morocco
    March 14-27th Atlanta, Chattanooga, Chicago
    March 29-April 2 Koh Samui, Thailand
    April 6-9 Prague, CZ
    April 17-22 Iceland
    April 24-26 Montenegro
    April 25-May 10 Marrakech, Morocco
    May 1-8 Morocco
    May 15-18 Portugal
    May 28-31 Tuscany, Val d'Orcia
    June 5-9 Italy, Florence+Rome
    June 9-11 Slovenia
    June 23-25 Zurich, Switzerland
    July 1-3 Montenegro
    July 13-17 Turku, Finland
    July 21-23 Lausanne, Switzerland
    August 3-11 Iceland
    August 24-28 Lisbon, Portugal
    September 1-6 Tuscany, Italy
    September 7-13 Camogli, Italy
    September 11-18 Kalamazoo, Michigan
    October 1-6 Iceland
    October 9-20 New Zealand
    October 23-27 Italy, Ostuni
    October 28-November 3 Iceland
    November 8-14 Singapore
    November 20-24 Germany
    December 11-31 USA, TX+West coast

my wishlist
  • my wishlist

  • Find my past and future travels on the map below. Some of my wishlist countries are coloured light red, but don't get discouraged! I love travelling and if something is not coloured in red that's not because I wouldn't like to get there. In fact I love traveling as much as I love life so feel free to take me anywhere!

World Travels

I’ve included this simple contact form so you can let me know your plans. If you’d like to meet me in your town or country leave me a note and I’ll see what I can do to make it happen.
I’m available for weddings, shootings, mentoring or workshops.

Let’s connect!

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