Natalie&Simon | Canadian wedding in Novalja - Destination wedding photographer Dubrovnik, Croatia

Natalie&Simon | Canadian wedding in Novalja

I always tend to write something down to start up the story. Something about how I met them, what was going on that day, few special moments, something a photograph can’t tell you. I felt like a family there. Beautiful hotel Boskinac hosted a party of sixteen. And what a party it was…

Simon is oenologist (no, that’s not a medical term) and it’s no surprise they chose this beautiful venue for their wedding. This hotel hosts the best Croatian red wine for six years in a row now, and the most amazing food that thrilled even the famous chef Anthony Bourdain. Natalie and Simon wrote their love notes on a piece of paper, and hammered them down in a wooden crate alongside a bottle of wine which they will open, read and enjoy on their first anniversary. Just in case you wondered why the bride holds a hammer in her hand.

I don’t remember seeing anything so romantic before.

 I’ll leave you with the last email from Natalie&Simon. It sums it all up in a nutshell.

We feel like we relived our magical day through you creative lens. You gave perfect focus to every aspect of the day and did a brilliant job of showcasing everyone’s humanity and emotion. Talent of your level cannot be taught, it is simply a gift that you are able to share with the world. The different size images, the black and white images, the very rich color images, the use of foreground and background, the multitude of lens all aided in creating an album the truly cherishes the memories of our wedding day…we could not be more thrilled. We were also happy to see that some of the images from the day after turned out quite nicely. The wind wasn’t our friend that day. Lol. But you still managed to create images that were so eye catching they could have been out of some professional high end print ad for Gucci or Prada. Magnifique! 

We consider you part of the family now. You are our ridiculously talented Croatian cousin. 
Sending our love from across the pond to you and your family. We hope to see you again very soon in Vancouver, in Croatia, or maybe somewhere in between.
Talk soon.
Simon & Natalie