Laid back wedding | Wedding Photographer Croatia

Sanita&Vinko | Wedding photographer Croatia

I was told to bring my swimwear. I didn’t. I wasn’t expecting this.

When true love, real friends, honest emotions and great vibe sum up in a single day, this is what comes out of it. I’m not even sure how I managed to shoot everything, there were occasions where I simply wasn’t able to switch lenses. Sanita&Vinko invited their friends to their wedding with a trick up their sleeves. Most of them were arriving by bus from Split which is 60 miles away expecting a wedding in a restaurant settled in a local marina. They were misled.

The minute they arrived, Sanita&Vinko released balloons in the air from their love boat inviting their guests on board. As soon as everyone boarded we set sail in a direction yet to be discovered. To everyone’s surprise the official appeared, and the wedding was already on its way. Unladen from local customs and formalities, Sanita&Vinko got married on a ship sailing between Tribunj and Kaprije, surrounded with their closest friends and family. And my camera.

Once we arrived on Kaprije, a tiny island settled in Sibenik archipelago,  a non-existing dress code switched to swimwear. Sooner or later everyone ended up getting wet. Even though there already was a fresh tuna fish waiting for the chef, someone accidentally caught an octopussy and the food was ready in no time! This was topped with cooked shells and various risottos, an amazing DJ, great vine, loads of humor, and unbelievable connection between all the guests. Being a wedding photographer Croatia isn’t usually such a high-speed experience.

I ended up gaining new friends and this extraordinary story. Enjoy it!


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