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What led me to all this?The storyfrom my childhood diary

When was the last time you were blown away by someones “about me” page? Probably never. If you did, you probably wouldn’t be reading this anymore. But a good story? I believe everyone has time to read a good story.

My story is short, but it holds the answer to that famous “how you got to do photography?” question. The fact is – theft got me to it. How? Read on…

One of my first childhood memories isn’t that flattering, but as all other human beings, this photographer has it’s flaws. I remember being five years old and hanging out in the yard with my best friend. We spent our days digging holes, building shelters and playing hide&seek around our building. Up until we came up with an idea of stealing something from a local grocery store.

And today, 24 years later, I have a confesion to make. I’m a thief.

On that notorious day I stole a total of 20grams (less than 1 ounce) of spreadable Viki hazelnut cream and a pack of 12 coffee flavoured candies named Kavabon at our local Prehrana store in Split, Croatia.

Aged 5, year 1990.

It was pretty hot, sunny summer afternoon and, as soon as we ran out of the store, we went back to our homes with our loot. The spreadable cream I never ate and the candy I don’t even like (it’s coffee flavoured, what was I thinking?!). I woke my mom up crying and admitting the crime. Naturally, I had to return my loot to the store and pay for the full amount out of my allowance. I learned my lesson. Or at least so I thought. To tell you the truth – I’m still a thief. But there is one important difference today.

I steal moments from the paws of time. Time is a tricky grocery store, but more than anything in this world I love to steal from it.

I also believe there are far better things ahead than what we leave behind, that’s why I’m leaving you with a photo of my best childhood friend and his loved one. Almost 25 years after our theft he stole her heart. I stole this moment from forgiveness.

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