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From sunset till sunriseHilary&Mike | Bagan, MyanmarJanuary 2017

Wedding photographer Bagan

wedding photographer bagan myanmar

There’s this certain smell of the misty air when you climb up the pagoda to feel the sun on your face. And not just any sun. Barefoot and freezing at five in the morning, you squeeze in with someone you love to witness on the most spectacular sunrise of them all. Bagan is a truly magical place. It combines rich history and natural beauty with kind and wonderful people.

When I’m telling stories I’m focusing on the layers. Just as every person has layers, so does every place on the planet. Some of them run deep, others are really shallow. But one thing is for certain: in order to tell a story the right way, you need to start peeling. To some of you this might sound funny, but the fact is – there is no better way to transfer feelings, smells, sun rays or dust to images than to scrub off that superficial, touristy layer of a place and dig a little deeper.

The reason I’m saying this is – in order to stay inspired and my our toes, I realised I need variety. I’m lucky enough to shoot all over the globe at this point of my career, and it’s proven essential to my approach. I believe few of us can stay inspired in the same place numerous times. Picture a painter painting the same landscape over and over again. Sure, it changes with seasons, but in fact it’s hard and challenging. I’m not finished with Bagan, so I’ll keep this post as an open invitation to anyone interested – get in touch.

I was off to Singapore in January and wanted to re-visit Myanmar while there. And luckily Leana from The Wedding Scoop noticed and reached out. Her friend Hilary is getting married soon and wanted to do an engagement shoot in Sydney, but since they both work in Myanmar, Bagan idea hit the spot! Paired up with a dress from Monique Lhullier Hilary and Mike joined me for an adventure. Soon enough we took these shots with a little help from Balloons over bagan flying overhead.

Us, as photographers, are often spoiling our (potential) clients with wrong sets of expectations. Often stating a delivery of hundreds of photos, book pages or hours, desperately trying to numerically express our value to gain their interest while trying to book their wedding. It’s wrong. Art has no numerical value and can’t be compared. It’s absolutely subjectively perceived. My work is the best to some and the worst to others at the same time, and that’s natural.

Numbers aren’t important in this story. We have to add meaning to the images we produce. To have a wonderful shot is one thing. To hold a meaningful image is another, but to combine both is really special. So here are Hilary&Mike. Roaming Bagan in their flip flops, reading their vows to each other and sharing their love in one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. Being themselves, having a good time and making new friends. Us.

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Wedding photographer Bagan