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Wedding photographer Provence
wedding photographer provence

As the smell of autumn was carried through the thin air, the clouds were gathering above us. Fearing the rain Laura and Steve started planning alternative spots for the ceremony if the weather doesn’t deliver. But it did. Like so many times before. Even the sun peaked through a couple of times bringing smiles to peoples faces, sharing the happiness with us.

The photo above was taken in London, a couple of months before the wedding below. And over there, just as in Provence, the sun showed it’s face through a double decker bus windows, emphasizing on what matters most – love. Laid back, raw, warm powerful and heartfelt. Just like in the images you’re about to scroll through. I remember Laura’s first email:

“Hi! Im Laura and my partner is SteveIm Canadian and he’s English. We met in Florida 8 years ago, live in London and want to get married in the south of France – somewhere beautiful, green, warm and relaxed where the food is amazing!”

Blanche Fleur is everything they looked for. It’s a beautiful estate in a secluded part of Provence. Blended into breathtaking French landscapes, it provided a peaceful escape and a perfect setting for a day in life. Sometimes while shooting I feel like my body is floating. Echoing through time, anticipating and hunting to steal the very best from jaws of time. Yet, time becomes such a distant thing in these moments and, before I know it, a day is gone. What’s left are numerous images on my memory cards and that buzzing noise in my head as I hit the bed, hoping that I got it all.

This was that kind of day. It went by me in a split second. And this is what I have to show for it.

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Wedding photographer provence

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